I have been suffering from depression for only 2 years. But in my life it’s been a very long very difficult 2 years. For a while now after starting meds I’d started feeling better. The anxiety went away with just a little bit left over. It was refreshing to have that break from feeling it so much for so long.

I had counselling which I was quite sceptical about it actually helping. I’m actually surprised that just by talking things through about the diagnosis of my youngest son and his operation it opened myself up to healing. The counsellor listened and told me I blamed myself and I held myself responsible something I already knew. But I guess I was way too hard on myself and shut myself off from emotions because I was trying to be strong. 

I had my last session last week and every week we do a scoring system to see how depressed you are. The last 2 sessions my scores were dramatically lower then previous weeks. Last weeks being so low she’s told me I’m in recovery now. Music to my ears. Emotions poured out like relief has washed over me. I finally feel like the person I was before with stronger beliefs and stronger friendships. This is the end of my journey with depression now. On Thursday I go to see my gp with intentions of lowering my 20mg dose to 10mg to come off medication. Getting to tell the person at home start that supported from the start that I’m in recovery felt amazing. 

Without their support and the support of my friends I wouldn’t be where I am now. I had love and understanding when I needed it the most. Thank you all for reading this blog