The boys story

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a charity set up specifically to raise the importance of echos during standard newborn checks after every birth. They wanted to know if I was willing to share my sons story about his heart defect. Although I was a little nervous as I’ve kept his story relatively private (hence the anonymous blog) but if it helps another mum going through what I went through it’s worth it. 

The call came today while the star of the show was asleep. I told his story from start to finish and in honesty I got pretty emotional telling it.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had to tell it from the beginning and had to go into so much detail. 

I got through it and I’m proud of myself. I got his story out there but what’s really frustrating is when I read and share other people’s stories on Facebook no-one bothers to read them. Ignorance is bliss until it’s their child or grandchild (expect in my mothers case) with a heart defect. I really wish I could get people to read these stories and realise what mothers like me have had to live with. Mothers who have lost their babies due to the health professionals failing to diagnosis their babies. It’s heartbreaking for me reading the stories and I lived through similar. 


Author: always over thinking things

I'm 33 years old,married and I'm a full time mum to 2 boys. My eldest is 6 and the youngest is a year old. My eldest boy is on the autistic spectrum and my youngest is 2 and has a congenital heart defect called tetralogy of fallot. My blog is about my children, about me and my way of dealing with the life I've been given. It's a way of expressing my emotions and feelings through words. This is done anonymously as I want to keep myself away from people who don't know what's happening in my life.

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